Temporary Works Design

Some earth structures are required to be constructed prior to the construction of the actual buildings or infrastructures. The temporary works should then be designed to provide safety work environment and access for the construction workers or machineries.

Geotesta engineers have been involved in road construction, basement for high rise buildings, tunnels, slope remediation works, maritime structures, of which some temporary structures are built. They include the following tasks:

  • Inspect the site to assess the ground conditions
  • Assess the soil or rock strength parameters and soil or rock type description
  • Obtain the required performance measurement of the ground, i.e. shear strength, modulus, safety factor, pull out resistance, adhesion
  • Undertake a geotechnical analysis which include:
    • assessment of bearing capacity of the founding soil or rock,
    • settlement estimate due to temporary load,
    • safety factor of a cut or fill batter,
    • deformation of cut or fill,
    • excavatability of the rock or soil,
    • vibration impact to the stability of adjoining structures,
    • determine suitable founding depth or competent ground,
    • proof rolling of subgrade or pavement layers to accommodate heavy machineries.
Temporary Works Design