We have an excellent track record of managing multiple large-scale monitoring projects for road and government authorities involving dams, roads, railways, buildings and landslides.

Geotesta is unique in that we provide a one stop shop and have excellent in-house technical capability for the design and installation of remote power systems, data loggers, wireless and cabled transmission, alarm systems, and online data presentation.


  • Monitoring system design;
  • Provision of suitable technical specifications (including drawings and bills of quantities);
  • System and sensor procurement to your own technical specifications;
  • Provision of a design, supply, installation and commissioning service, including management of any subcontractors required and quality assurance;
  • Data management, validation, system behaviour analysis and system database management services;
  • Remote monitoring systems with pre-set alarm triggers and warnings that allow you to undertake mitigation procedures in a timely manner;
  • Real time monitoring data inspection capability on any of our monitoring systems, using web access via GEOTESTA’s integrated geotechnical monitoring system (iGEMs)
Instrumentation & Monitoring