Whether you are looking to rehabilitate an existing pavement or design and construction of new pavement, Geotesta can help by using the latest innovative techniques and materials to reduce your construction time and costs.

Our experience, local knowledge, combined with a practical approach and sound engineering judgment have been fundamental to the successful completion of numerous pavement design, construction and rehabilitation projects around Australia, for councils, civil engineers and developers.

We provide a full range of cost-effective services such as:

  • Flexible Pavement design
  • Rigid pavement design
  • Unbound pavement design
  • Pavement investigation
  • Pavement dippings
  • Industry standard design approach
  • Our design approach uses the industry standard CIRCLY and ELMOD software.
Pavement Design & Testing

We provide a wide range of pavement investigation and design solutions including:

  • Site investigation, testing and sampling to investigate subgrade conditions, or the condition and construction of existing pavements
  • Residential road – Industrial hard stand area – highway and freeway
  • Pavement designs, granular, bound or concrete pavements.
  • Development of subgrade improvement options
  • Residual life estimation and rehabilitation options for existing pavements
  • Assessment of suitable pavement options and their comparative costing
  • Detailed pavement design of options using CIRCLY
  • Provision of subsurface drainage requirements
  • Development of construction drawings and specifications
  • Road pavement and construction supervision
  • Benkelman Beam testing and Falling Weight Deflectometer testing