Geotesta conducted a geotechnical investigation at Station Pier in Port Melbourne.  The sub-surface soil and rock profile had to be investigated to establish the conceptual and detail design of the pier structure.

The Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) (VPCM) received $5.8 million funding as part of the 2018-19 Victorian budget allowing early stage planning and design for the Station Pier Redevelopment Project as well as minor upgrades to improve passenger experience.

As a part of the investigation we;

  • Drilled four boreholes to 60m deep below the station deck
  • Conducted in-situ and laboratory testings to define the soil index properties and engineering behaviour of various layers of Yarra Delta alluvial deposits.

The complex nature and contrast behaviour of alluvial deposits in the Yarra Delta region always poses a unique challenge to engineering geologists and the deeper boreholes enabled us to collect extensive information on soil strata.

Drilling through non-cohesive gravelly soil materials at depths deeper than 45m was a challenge. A skilful team of drillers with decades of drilling experience equipped with cutting-edge technology successfully overcame these challenges under full time supervision and direction from Geotesta Geotechnical Engineer.

The geotechnical investigation works were completed within the allocated budget and required time frame.

Station Pier Redevelopment