Cathlaw Estate

The project Cathlaw Estate, was a proposed medium residential subdivision development in New Gisborne, Victoria.

The client Arcadis Pty Ltd enlisted Geotesta to conduct a geotechnical investigation

to provide design parameters for the land subdivision new road pavements, and recommendations for water and sewer main construction, and wetland construction.

The works involved:

  • Comprehensive geotechnical borehole drilling
  • Test pit excavation to reveal the soil profile and parameters
  • Selective soil sampling to provide efficient testing program that delivers optimum design parameters
  • Laboratory analysis in Geotesta NATA accredited laboratory

Pavement composition for the various road classifications was proposed based on estimated traffic loading and subgrade properties, in line with local council design requirements.

The test results revealed the subgrade condition of the site is highly reactive and expansive, as a result a capping layer and /or subgrade stabilisation was proposed.

Engineering recommendations were given for:

  • both trench and trenchless excavation methodologies were provided for underground utility installation;
  • Construction of wetland and waterway were provided based on the subsurface soil profile and insitu material properties.
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