Geotesta undertook a geotechnical investigation as part of the replacement of 6 existing timber bridges for Tamworth Regional Council. The geotechnical investigation aimed to confirm the bedrock level for designing the foundation of the new bridges.

The 6 bridges included in this project were Fishers Bridge, Middlebrook Rd Bridge, Swamps Creek Bridge, Old Wallabadah Rd Bridge, Teamsters Rest Bridge and Benama Bridge.

The site-specific geotechnical investigation includes

  • Borehole drilling at each end of the bridges
  • Laboratory tests were used to determine the type of the soils index properties and the compressive strength of rock
  • Collect soil samples for testing chloride ion content, sulfate content and pH levels

A separate Geotechnical Interpretive Report was prepared for each bridge that provided the followings:

  • Factual findings of geotechnical investigation
  • An interpreted geotechnical model, including a long section of the assessed subsurface lithology, to determine the appropriate founding levels
  • Recommendations for the most appropriate type of foundation to be adopted

Recommendations on design parameters

Tamworth Bridge Replacement