Geotesta conducted a geotechnical investigation and soil contamination assessment for Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd. This platform upgrade at Frankston Train Station, was part of the multi -million dollar Frankston Station redevelopment.

The purpose of our investigation was to ascertain the existing subsurface conditions underneath the wearing surface of the platforms, with the intention of justifying the suitability for an additional layer of asphalt topping for DDA requirements.

As well as provide recommendations on methods of stabilizing the soil to avoid excessive additional surcharge on the platform retaining wall.

The soil contamination assessment was required to assess the level of contamination in the subsurface soils and provide recommendations with regards to safety of contractors during construction and safe disposal of waste soils.

Safety measures were strictly adopted on site by the field team. The investigation was completed without any safety issues and within the budget and time frame.

Frankston Train Station