Geotesta’s experienced engineers specialise in conventional and innovative geotechnical investigations.

In addition to our own knowledge base, we maintain contact with leading academics and international consultants. This provides us with an up-to-date understanding of the latest investigation techniques and technological advances.

Geotechnical investigation services include:

  • Site investigations, including specialist field testing such as Cone Penetrometer (CPT), Plate Loading Test, Pressuremeter, and Dilatometer
  • Test pit excavations
  • Geotechnical interpretations and provision of parameters for geotechnical and structural designs

Landslip Risk & Slope Stability Assessment

We provide landslip risk investigation and advice for properties and infrastructure asset owners where risk to landslip is a concern or are subject to an Erosion Management Overlay.

A landslip risk assessment may involve surveying of the slope, engineering geological survey, site surveillance, drilling and soil or rock testing programs to assess the ground conditions.

We can provide you with the following services, tailored to your site to minimise costs:

  • Expert advice for property landslip risk
  • Experienced and trained staff for infrastructure risk assessments
  • Landslip investigation
  • Back analysis & forensic investigation
  • Stability monitoring
  • Land instability management and monitoring advice
  • Mitigation works design advice
Landslip Risk & Slope Stability Assessments

As well as holding geotechnical engineering Masters or PhD degrees, our engineers have undergone training for the internationally respected NSW RMS slope risk assessment scheme and are also very familiar with the VicRoads, QLD TMR and NSW (Sydney Trains) slope assessment methodologies.

We have significant experience in advising on and monitoring landslip risk and slope stability in Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. In Victoria work has been conducted in the Mornington Peninsula, South Gippsland, Bellarine Peninsula, Yarra Ranges and Colac Otway Shires.

Our risk advice services follow the Australian Geomechanics Society 2007 guidelines.

Our specialist services include:

  • Field testing including geotechnical drilling and dynamic cone penetrometer testing
  • Geomorphology and geological assessment of the sloping sites
  • Landslip Risk assessments
  • Slope stability analysis using modern software, both analytical and numerical modelling
  • Drone used to assess difficult to access slopes
  • Slope stabilisation design to improve slope safety
  • Certified Geotechnical Declaration Form prepared by Chartered Professional Engineer with experience in landslip risk assessment
  • Monitoring of slope stability by means of installation and use of advanced geotechnical instrumentation systems

Pavement Investigation

Whether you are looking to rehabilitate an existing pavement or design and construction of new pavement, Geotesta can help by using the latest innovative techniques and materials to reduce your construction time and costs.

Our experience, local knowledge, combined with a practical approach and sound engineering judgement have been fundamental to the successful completion of numerous pavement design, construction and rehabilitation projects around Victoria and Queensland, for councils, civil engineers and developers.

We provide a full range of cost-effective services such as:

  • Flexible Pavement design
  • Rigid pavement design
  • Unbound pavement design
  • Pavement investigation
  • Pavement dipping
  • Industry standard design approach
  • Our design approach uses the industry standard ‘Circly’ software.
Pavement Investigation

We provide a wide range of pavement investigation and design solutions including:

  • Site investigation, testing and sampling to investigate sub-grade conditions, or the condition and construction of existing pavements
  • Residential road – Industrial hard stand area – highway and freeway
  • Pavement designs, granular, bound or concrete pavements.
  • Development of sub-grade improvement options
  • Residual life estimation and rehabilitation options for existing pavements
  • Assessment of suitable pavement options and their comparative costing
  • Detailed pavement design of options using CIRCLY
  • Provision of subsurface drainage requirements
  • Development of construction drawings and specifications
  • Road pavement and construction supervision
  • Benkelman Beam testing and Falling Weight Deflectometer testing

Pile and Crane Platforms

Geotesta routinely provides geotechnical and foundation testing at numerous construction sites around Australia many of them in the urban development and high rise buildings in Melbourne CBD.

We provide geotechnical assessment and advice in assessing safe working platforms for pilling rigs, crane platforms, mobile cranes, and other heavy plant and equipment.

Our piling and crane platform services include:

  • Bearing capacity tests
  • Site inspections
  • Point load testing
  • Proof rolling supervision
  • Geotechnical advice
Pile and Crane Platforms

Land Capability Assessment

We conduct land capability assessments for residential and commercial developments in order to identify key site and soil features and any constraints in the building area that may affect development, including on-site storm water management.

We use in-house expertise and equipment, therefore eliminating the need for external contracting and potential time delays. Our land capability assessments are undertaken in accordance with the EPA guidelines and include water balance and nutrient balance assessments.

Our services include:

  • Percolation test or in-situ soil permeability to determine the absorption rate of the soil
  • Assessment of the site features, topography, climate, vegetation, and soil physical and chemical properties
  • Provision of effluent disposal technique using water balance method
  • Recommendations on absorption trench, subsurface and surface irrigation and other methods of effluent disposal as per EPA and local council guidelines
Land Capability Assessment

Site Classification

We routinely conduct soil tests for builders, architects, homeowners and property developers.

Soil tests are needed for new pool installations, stand-alone structures (pergolas or sheds), extensions to existing houses, retaining walls and new dwellings.

Our team can conduct borehole sampling on sand, clay or filled sites using hand augers or our drilling rig depending on site access.

Our standard service includes 2 boreholes to 1.5m depth, an overview of site conditions & geology and a report detailing recommended founding depths.

Site Classification

Soil and Rock Logging

Forensic Investigation

Forensic investigations are usually necessary when unexpected events affect properties, civil engineering projects or key infrastructure. Geotesta provide this type of engineering assessment to understand the causes and prevent future recurrence.

We have experience in this often complex sphere of work, and can provide:

  • Expert witness services
  • Site inspection and assessment
  • Preparing independent reports for court cases and insurance claims

Drilling and Coring

Geotesta owns drilling equipment capable of performing boring, testing and continuous sampling. The compact size and low weight of the drilling systems we possess, allow us to drill in difficult access areas and train platforms.

We are able to:

  • perform drilling using continuous flight auger technique to a maximum depth of 10m.
  • core in concrete to a maximum depth of 0.5m.
  • perform in-situ tests like Standard Penetration Test (SPT) to a maximum depth of 6m and Dynamic Probe Super Heavy (DPSH) test to a maximum depth of 20m.
  • obtain continuous environmental samples from 6m below ground level, using a windowless sampler with a plastic liner.

If deep drilling services such as exploration boreholes or very deep monitoring wells are required, we can provide that through our associated experienced drilling companies.