Not just another lab…

Our service is unique in that your samples are tested by experienced graduates and geotechnical engineers. If your samples do not meet required specifications, we are able to explain why and help identify work-arounds to solve the issue. This can save you significant time and money.

We also provide a very rapid turnaround time from sample collection to report. Often within the same day.

To book your samples and confirm pricing, call: 1300 852 216 


  • Civil & Earthwork contractors
  • Consultants
  • Mining Contractors
  • Private


  • Level 1 testing and supervision
  • Construction Quality Control testing
  • Engineering certification
  • Sample collection
  • Fly-in fly-out onsite lab


  • Road works (VicRoads approved for pavement works)
  • Rail
  • Land subdivision
  • Dams, landfills
  • Tailings dams
  • Mine closures

Testing is conducted using state of the art equipment and
experienced geotechnical engineers and technicians. We can
guarantee our results and understand your needs in reporting and

We provide the following testing services:

AS1141 3.1 Aggregate sampling
AS1141 11.1 Particle size distribution
AS1141 12 Material finer than 75um
AS1289 1.2.1 Disturbed sampling
AS1289 1.3.1 Undisturbed sampling
AS1289 2.1.1 Moisture content
AS1289 3.1.1, 3.2.1, & 3.3.1 Atterberg limits
AS1289 3.4.1 Linear shrinkage
AS1289 3.6.1 Sieve analysis
AS1289 3.8.1 Emerson class
AS1289 5.1.1 & 5.2.1 Compaction
AS1289 6.1.1 & 6.1.2 CBR test
AS1289 7.1.1 Shrink swell index
ASTM D5731 8 Point load test

Level 1 earthworks supervision

Level 1 Premium earthworks supervision

Testing, inspection and monitoring services available

 Testing of Soil and Aggregate Properties:

  • Atterberg Limits, Grading¬† / Particle Size Distribution, Linear Shrinkage, Compaction, CBR
  • Triaxial (UU and CU) Testing

Rock Mechanics Testing:

  • Point Load Test, Unconfined Compression Test, Triaxial Test,
  • Direct Shear Test.

Geotextile Testing:

  • Pull out strength,
  • Material friction coefficient.

On-site services:

  • Inspection of foundation locations to confirm suitable founding depth and capacity,
  • Assessment of groundwater and surface water impact on works,

Whole of construction monitoring services for vibration and noise.

Advanced Geotechnical Testing:

We also provide a range of specialised geotechnical tests through
our associate laboratory at Swinburne University.

Although these tests are not NATA accredited, you can still have
confidence in the results We control the sample handling and
reporting or your results with the same quality control procedures
that we use for samples tested through our own lab..

We can provide NATA endorsed reports within 24 hours of testing.

Onsite laboratory option

If you need an onsite geotech laboratory anywhere in Australia we
can provide the lab and the qualified staff to run it. Our NATA
accreditation extends to annex laboratories we setup on your
project site..

For example, we can provide an onsite lab to provide the following
testing services:

  • NATA accredited materials testing laboratory
  • Specialist geotechnical testing
  • Foundation design testing
  • QA testing for quarries and earthworks contractors
  • Level 1 compaction control testing
  • Contamination testing
  • Field Testing by Nuclear Density Meter