Marine infrastructure and dredging projects are generally
significantly more expensive than similar land based projects. It is
essential that designs are appropriate for the ground conditions and
that correct equipment is mobilised at the start of any project to
ensure that the project meets budget and programme

A good geotechnical investigation and a good understanding of the
construction principles is essential in ordert to minimise the
potential for claims and cost overruns due to unknowns.

Through our close relationships with several large geotechnical
drilling companies with nearshore drilling capabilities as well as
marine geophysical survey contractors and consultants we are able
to provide a one-stop service for your marine geotechnical
investigations. Our staff have had considerable experience in the
investigation, design and supervision of small and large overwater
projects, in both tidal and non-tidal waters.

Geotesta can provide:

  • Site investigation management & supervision
  • Borehole logging & testing
  • Design advice on sheet piling works, dredging works, tie
    backs, offshore pilings.
  • Near shore & inshore construction supervision