Landslip Risk Assessment

Our highly qualified engineers have significant experience in advising on and monitoring landslip risk and slope stability in Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. In Victoria work has been conducted in the Mornington Peninsula, South Gippsland, Bellarine Peninsula, Yarra Ranges and Colac Otway Shires.

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We provide landslip risk investigation and advice for properties and infrastructure asset owners where risk to landslip is a concern or are subject to an Erosion Management Overlay.

We can provide you with the following services, tailored to your site to minimise costs:

  • Expert advice for property landslip risk
  • Experienced and trained staff for infrastructure risk assessments
  • Landslip investigation
  • Back analysis & forensic investigation
  • Stability monitoring
  • Land instability management and monitoring advice
  • Mitigation works design advice

As well as holding geotechnical engineering Masters or PhD degrees, our engineers have undergone training for the internationally respected NSW RMS slope risk assessment scheme and are also very familiar with the VicRoads, QLD TMR and NSW (Sydney Trains) slope assessment methodologies. Our risk advice services follow the Australian Geomechanics Society 2007 guidelines.

Pavement Investigation

Our engineering team includes experienced PhD and Masters Graduates that specialise in conventional and innovative road pavement solutions that meet local and national Australian standards.

Whether you are looking to rehabilitate an existing pavement or construct a new one, we can help and by using the latest proven techniques and materials we can reduce your construction time and costs.

Our experience, local knowledge, combined with a practical approach and sound engineering judgment have been fundamental to the successful completion of numerous pavement design, construction and rehabilitation projects around Victoria and Queensland, for Councils, civil engineers and developers.

We provide a full range of cost effective services and solutions such as:

  • Flexible Pavement design
  • Rigid pavement design
  • Unbound pavement design
  • Pavement investigation
  • Pavement dippings
  • NATA accredited laboratory
  • Industry standard design approach
  • Our design approach uses the industry standard ‘Circly’ software.

Download our brochure: Geotesta_Pavement Investigation and Design

Our full range of Geotechnical Engineering services includes:

  • Building Foundations
  • Piling and Crane Platforms
  • Forensic Assessments
  • Dam and Water Storages
  • Marine Geotechnics