We have an excellent track record of managing multiple large scale monitoring projects for road and government authorities involving dams, roads, railways, buildings and landslides.

Geotesta is unique in that we provide a one stop shop and have excellent in-house technical capability for the design and installation of remote power systems, data loggers, wireless and cabled transmission, alarm systems, and online data presentation.


  • Monitoring system design;
  • Provision of suitable technical specifications (including drawings and bills of quantities);
  • System and sensor procurement to your own technical specifications;
  • Provision of a design, supply, installation and commissioning service, including management of any subcontractors required and quality assurance;
  • Data management, validation, system behaviour analysis and system database management services;
  • Remote monitoring systems with preset alarm triggers and warnings that allow you to undertake mitigation procedures in a timely manner;
  • Real time monitoring data inspection capability on any of our monitoring systems, using web access via GEOTESTA’s integrated geotechnical monitoring system (iGEMs).


We offer a range of software tools to best fit your needs. Geotesta has deployed numerous remote monitoring systems for applications where access to the instrument is challenging. We offer a variety of different data loggers which incorporate cellular modems for remote monitoring applications where:

  • The site lacks a wired Internet infrastructure
  • Physical access to the site is problematic
  • Continuous long-term monitoring of data is required

These systems allow downloading of stored data and remote configuration from any site that has cellular coverage. Additional capabilities include mobile text and email alarms for notification of faults such as loss of transmission or power failures. We can also package many of our standard data loggers with cell modems to ensure your specific requirements are met.


Our geotechnical instrumentation and remote monitoring systems have been successfully implemented to monitor some of critical sites such as for the slope monitoring of Princes Highway in Morwell since 2011, Highway Reward in Northern Queensland since 2014, 20m deep basement excavation in Melbourne CBD, Brisbane Airport, Slope monitoring of the Great Ocean Road in Wye River. Our geotechnical instrumentation specialists are very experienced, some with more than 20 years professional involvement in this field.