We supply a range of geotechnical and structural sensors and we can design custom systems for your application including remote monitoring and cloud based data management. You have the option to install it yourself or we can install and maintain the system for you.

Our sensors and data loggers are manufactured by ISO certified workshops such as Sisgeo and other reputable manufacturers. We recognise how crucial it is to use equipment that can handle harsh conditions and provide reliable service.

For further details and pricing, call us on: tel: 1300 852 216

We supply Vibrating Wire Piezometer, Extensometer, Inclinometers, Pressure and Load cells, Crack meters, Tilt meters, and Strain gauges compatible with all major brands of geotechnical instrumentation including Campbell Scientific.

Our experience includes a range of geotechnical and structural sensors such as :

  • Rock stress measurement: borehole packers, rock pressuremeter, shotcrete stress cell, rock bolt stress
  • Ground displacement: wire extensometer and crackmeter, tape extensometer, slope monitoring, borehole micrometer and extensometer
  • Mine ground control monitoring: seismic and vibration monitoring, load cell, piezometer, rock bolt strain gauges and readout, total pressure cell, acoustic meter
  • Groundwater monitoring: vibrating wire piezometer, casagrande and pneumatic piezometer, pressure gauge
  • Ground settlement measurement: borehole magnetic extensometer, settlement cell and settlement gauge, hydraulic profiler gauge
  • Ground inclination: tiltmeter, inclinometer, crackmeter, extensometer
  • Load monitoring: hydraulic and electrical load cell, earth pressure cells
  • Management of monitoring data: handheld data logger, field data logger, radio or mobile connection for remote data collection, web enabled data presentation and monitoring