You will need a survey of your block of land, if you wish to see your house accurately sited on your block of land in 3D then this survey needs to be in digital form.
(Approximate Cost $600-$1500)

A Geotechnical report is effectively a report on the soil conditions of your block of land and is usually required for 2 reasons.
1. For structural engineering.
2. For effluent management (if the land is not serviced by council sewer)

A site classification is a simple for og geotechnical report and will classify your footing from Class A to Class P (generally costing you the most to build).
(Approximate Cost $600-$2000)


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Flood Study

A flood study may be required by council if your block of land lies in a low lying area
(Approximate Cost of this can be several thousands)

Bushfire Protection Assessment.
Most councils have facilities on their websites to check if your block of land falls into a fire affected zone. If it does then you will need a “Bushfire Protection Assessment”. This report will be submitted with your D.A. and will recommend a ‘Fire Rating’, the higher the rating the more special requirements that will be placed on your building project, these will increase the cost of building your house.
(Approximate Cost $500)

BASIX Report
A BASIX Report is a report that assesses both the energy and water consumption of your proposed building project. A minimum requirement must be achieved in both areas. Despite the fact that this may appear to introduce some restrictions on design and materials it is a direct reflection of your on going “running costs”. This report will be submitted with your D.A.
(Approximate Cost $500-$700)

Exterior Colour Board.
Some councils will require an exterior colour board showing your chosen colours.

Landscape Plan.
Some councils will require a landscape plan to be lodged with development application drawings, (Check the subdivision requirements in your land sale contract) or you may wish to have a landscape plan drawn for your planning purposes.
(Approximate Cost $300+)

Council D.A. Fees.

In N.S.W there are two processes through which a project passes before it is approved for building work to commence. The first of these is called a Development Application (D.A.) and is an approval process carried out by your local council. Fees vary from council to council and are related to project cost. (Sometimes if the project is a “complying development“ the D.A. process may be carried out by a private certifier)
(Approximate Cost $500-$3500). Note: D.A. fees run on a sliding scale that relates to the estimated project construction cost.

C.C Fees.
The second approval process is a Construction Certificate (C.C.) and may be carried out by council or an approved certifier.
(Approximate Cost $500-$2500)

Long Service levy.
The long service levy is a fee payable to the Building Services Corporation and is 0.35% of project value and must be paid before the C.C can be released.

Drawing & Professional Fees. 

If you are building a ‘Classic Design’ the drawing and professional fees will vary depending on the method you have chosen to create your floor plan.

House Costs.
If you choose to build a “Classic Designs” house then you will know exactly how much your house will cost before you start. No matter how far you may choose to customize the system, once a plan is locked in, the builders will provide you with a fixed price and build schedule.